Scan your inventory!

When your CSSD is supported by simple digital automation your department will notice the benefits instantly, but it is the patient’s safety which ultimately has the most to gain from accurate digital reporting.

CSSD-Connect uses German STRUCTOBOND® technology to mark your instruments with a 2D code in a safe and secure way. Fully certified as biocompatible, the marking has a long life and can pass through the autoclave many hundreds of times.

Once your instrument, set, equipment, or medical device displays one of our unique markings you can begin to track & trace the item seamlessly through the entire workflow archiving the information and collecting data automatically.

With the quick scanning of instruments CSSD-Connect can help you eliminate errors by alerting you to missing instruments, preparing and allocating sets faster, and locating on-stock items immediately.

A quick scan of the instrument will display the full history including which operations and which sets contained the instrument. Digitalising the records of all items and processes makes them instantly available and searchable for all stakeholders.

CSSD-Connect combines safe 2D codes and powerful software to give you full control of your inventory and workflow.