Every CSSD should be digital!

Every Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) has a relentless focus on patient safety. The digitalisation of a CSSD has a big part to play in this. Secure digital record keeping and archiving is essential for quality assurance and infection control compliance. Being able to track and trace sets and individual instruments unlocks another level of useful data collection and analysis for your department.

A flexible solution to suit your environment

CSSD-Connect solutions can provide your CSSD with a complete overview of how the instruments have interacted with the patient and within your department. Our powerful CSSD-Connect solutions will enable you to take full control of your instrument workflow in a semi-automated way saving your technicians time and avoiding errors. Data which you collect through CSSD-Connect can be used to generate customised reports on any process. With CSSD-Connect you can create insightful analytics for all stakeholders to justify decisions, show performance records, and optimise processes.

We are your first step to a digital CSSD!

CSSD-Connect solutions uses German STRUCTOBOND® marking technology to enable your CSSD to mark each individual instrument, set, or medical device enabling you to build an identity for every item. Knowing how many times an instrument has been reprocessed, when a set is aging, who was responsible for reprocessing, or when an instrument requires maintaining is something CSSD-Connect can provide you in real-time.