The case for CSSD software and medical IoT

We understand the function of a CSSD and how important the department is to both patient and hospital. Knowing specifically which instruments have been allocated to which patient file, and being able to generate auditable reports on what it costs to sterilise those specific instruments instantly transforms your department into a cost centre. With CSSD-Connect you can put a price on those functions in real terms.

Expose inefficiencies instantly with CSSD-Connect:

  • Which instruments go missing?
  • Which instruments are replaced too often?
  • Which instruments have never been used?
  • Which instruments are subject to excessive sterilisation?
  • Does the entire batch need to be replaced or only a single instrument?
  • Are there loaner sets which are being ordered very frequently where it would prove to be more cost effective to procure those sets outright?

Gain instant access to the instruments maintenance, inspection, and refurbishment records, allowing you to make judgement on suppliers or users adhering to best practice.

The priority of every hospital is the patient’s safety. Eliminating the risk of health care associated infections are at the forefront of a hospitals mission. The CSSD-Connect digital platform can provide proof of best practice being met, log internal audit certificates, and issue computer-generated reports and graphs to allow all stakeholders, including regulators, to ensure standards are being met. The ability to trace the source of infection quickly and accurately could be crucial.

Linking instruments with the power of software and thus collecting data on all processes provides ultimate oversight and understanding of a CSSDs functionality, safety, and commercial aspects.

CSSD Software